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Wat onze klanten over ons zeggen?

Axel (Belgium)

The first week of December 2021 I entered Cherrywood House they taught me to build a strong support system that they themselves are also a part of I am now clean and sober since I left cherrywood house. I want to thank all the counsellors, recovery asssitants and the bosses of cherry wood Greetings out of Belgium

Pana (Greece)

I was very much welcomed by the staff. Very satisfied with the input of my counsellor. I feel better prepared to deal with my addiction. It is a pleasant environment with emotional and psychological support is the best that I have ever experienced. It was a great experience.

Elaine (UK)

The staff were super friendly and made me feel welcome and comfortable. The food was lovely, everyone’s needs were catered for. The programme has given me so much clarity on the areas that I need to work on in my life. I really enjoyed the Trauma Group and the meditation sessions. I have learnt a lot about my addiction, myself and what my triggers are. CWH has given me the tools to deal with these and make it work. It was an incredible journey and so much more than what I expected. I made amazing new friends whom I shall miss dearly. I will highly recommend and refer people in need to Cherrywood House.

Sandra (Netherlands)

My experience was good.

Niels (Netherlands)

10/10 – It was an amazing journey.

Delia (SA)

It was a great experience to see life from a sober point of view and go through counselling. The staff are very approachable and all necessities are met. Thank you to everyone involved at CWH. May we all leave Cherrywood House and go from strength to strength.

Bob (SA)

Very professional outfit. Fantastic staff who are friendly, kind and caring. The food is out of this world. Top professional trainer, meditation, yoga, walks and hiking make for an all round experience of good emotional, mental and physical well being.

Jaco (Holland)

I had a very nice time in the house the staff and close fellowship with my peers. I will never forget this experience.

Bart (Netherlands)

I feel very happy to have made the choice to come to Cherrywood House.

Lizanne (Holland)

I was taken care of 100% until I was up on my feet. My counsellor was sharp, direct, switching my perspective, brutally honest and rational. The programme definitely met my needs. I know how it is supposed to be done because I have seen my share of rehabs. This was by far the best of them all. Great balance of theory and practical. Great therapists, great variety of groups, depth and very meaningful. I think I have gotten the chance, faith, trust, love I needed from the CWH team to be able to work on myself. It felt like home, very safe and warm. My experience was incredibly special. It was a very spiritual experience for me. I have cried, laughed and have been able to learn how to turn a teardrop into insight. Eternally grateful.

Kevin (Belgium)

I was welcomed by all the staff very nicely. My counsellor was the first therapist I actually respected a lot. The programme provided what I needed. The groups and workshops were very helpful. I had a really good stay at CWH.

Mattias (Belgium)

I was given hope. The groups were useful. I feel better about my addiction and I know I still need to continue the work I have started. My overall experience was revitalising.

Jocelyn (SA)

My expectations have been exceeded and will definitely recommend Cherrywood House.

Iain (SA)

Almost excellent, therefore very good.

Arjan (Netherlands)

I am very happy I chose CWH. I had a great experience and would recommend them to anyone who is struggling with addiction.

Leon (Netherlands)

Cherrywood House is a very good treatment centre with staff who have a lot of experience in all kinds of addiction. The treatment centre is a beautiful house where you feel at home. I am very grateful that I have had treatment here.

Claire (SA)

I found myself amazed by the care, kindness and quality of the groups, workshops and staff. I was given all the comfort and was taken care of better than I ever have been and better than I ever could have myself. Having the basic needs as well as therapeutic needs provided to me made the experience and my process in recovery easier and getting the support and guidance I needed to move forward in my life and in my recovery. I am grateful to Cherrywood House, the counsellors, staff and my fellow peers for such an enlightening experience that has really helped me look at life from a new perspective and has given me the tools to cope with my addiction and with life’s challenges.